About Bob White Insurance Agency

About Bob White Insurance Agency

Here’s a little secret insurance agents would prefer you didn’t know. You’ll almost ALWAYS save money by shopping around for a better deal. But where do you start? Who can you TRUST?

Independent insurance brokers aren’t stuck working for a single company. Instead, working for you, they comparatively shop rates from over a dozen or more insurance companies with the simple goal of saving you money.

Sounds great, right. What’s the catch? Experience matters. You must make sure your insurance broker knows what they’re talking about. Bob White has been doing this a long time. He’s worked both sides of the fence. He was a captive agent for one of the most recognized names in insurance for almost 20 years. He’s one of the smartest and hardest working insurance guys you’ll ever meet.

Bob White insurance represents over 20 different insurance companies. They’ll explain your coverage options helping you better understand what’s right for you and find you the best policy match from their network of trusted insurers. They’ll shop around, while you enjoy the SAVINGS.

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